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Nant Barrel Facebook Page: Australian Whisky Holdings Limited (AWY) has become aware of a Facebook page named ‘Nant Barrels’, please see below statement regarding the page.

Barrel Investor Limited Offer Letters: Limited Offer Letter - Cover Email & Limited Offer Letter

This is a list of unfilled barrels that do not exist and have inaccurate paperwork from the previous Nant Group of Companies.

There will be a category of barrel investors where you have acquired a barrel, have a sale contract but we do not have your information and therefore the barrel has not been filled or does not exist but we are unaware of it. If you think you fall into this category email:

This is a list of decanted barrels and we believe many investors were not told and they were not paid

Please take note that barrels investors cannot decant their investment and sell their bottles of whisky, it is only for personal consumption.

Communication to Nant Barrel Investors June 2017