Facebook Live Event (Broadcast): Australian Craft Whisky with Bill Lark



Nant, Tasmanian’s first single malt highland whisky distillery streamed their first Facebook live event in support of the growing Australian whisky industry. “Australian craft whisky with Bill Lark” features Mr Lark discussing his experience in creating the Hobart based Lark Distillery that helped others learn the skills and processes they require to set up a distillery in Tasmania.

Mr Lark, a pioneer in the Australian whisky industry and member of the world-wide whisky hall of fame is joined by Ryan Gavin, National Bar Manager at Rockpool Bar & Grill and Gavin Gillin, Founder of Whisky Enlightenment to discuss the consumer trend towards premium Australian craft whisky.

The Facebook live event offered viewers from all around the world an opportunity to broaden their Australian craft whisky knowledge and ask Mr Lark questions.

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Mr Lark said, “Today we're going to be talking about the Australian craft whisky industry and the amazing things that it’s achieved in the short time that it's been happening, so for me it’s been an amazing journey”.

“Everywhere I went I was swept up in a wave of enthusiasm from politicians who loved whisky desperate to change the legislation to allow small stills, plenty of enthusiasts around the place wanting to see if Tasmania and Australia could produce good single malt whisky. When we said we wanted to have a go at making whisky I promised my wife that we wouldn't start another business. And here we are today involved in a wonderful company AWH with four distilleries on our books and there are plenty of distilleries producing wonderful whiskies, winning some of the top awards around the world and for me it's been an amazing”.

To view the highlight video head to: www.youtube.com/channel/UCJoxpQZwGyclknIRx9Q4UIQ

To view the full stream: www.facebook.com/nantwhisky